MakerFest 2016


We ARE a “MAKER” community!

MakerFest 2016 is a celebration of the amazing careers available at employers in the Greater Lima Region, and of the young, upcoming talent being groomed to fill those careers.

The focus on careers in advanced manufacturing and the skilled trades was expanded in 2016 to showcase the incredible healthcare and service industry companies that call the Greater Lima Region home.

On Friday for the high school students and Saturday for the adult job seekers, MakerFest 2016 featured exhibits and demonstrations from more than 75 regionals employers. The mission on Friday was to show our local talent what the Greater Lima Region has to offer, and convince them to seriously consider their home town for their careers. The mission on Saturday was to connect local job seekers with immediate opportunities that exist at local employers. Both of these missions were achieved at MakerFest 2016.


What the Employers Are Saying...

“MakerFest gave us a great way to reach the workforce we need to develop!”  – Todd Sutton, General Manager, PotashCorp

What the Employers Are Saying...

“What a wonderful way to showcase our young talent, and give them a chance to show the business community what they’ve got!”  – Gene Heitmeyer, General Manager, Diamond Manufacturing of Bluffton

What the Employers Are Saying...

“MakerFest brings the entire community together, and let’s everybody see what great career opportunities we have, right here in our region. It’s inspiring!“  – Mike Knisley, Business Manager, UA Local #776, Plumbers & Pipefitters

What the Employers Are Saying...

MakerFest is a terrific way to get the word out to our local talent about careers available right here in their home town. – Elia Lopez, Plant Manager, P&G Lima Plant

What the Employers Are Saying...

I am so impressed with what the Lima community has put together to inspire its young talent to consider careers in manufacturing. This is truly a benchmark to inspire others. – Adrian Price, Director, Global Manufacturing Business Office, Ford Motor Company

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