Students drive down the automotive highway with Kalida Manufacturing Inc.

Author: Link Lima/Allen County March 2, 2017

Arranged by Link Lima Site Visit Program KMI welcomed 19 Pandora-Gilboa High School students to tour their plant and learn more about the local opportunities in manufacturing.

Dull, dark and dingy no more, Brian Niese, KMI Assistant VP is putting that stereotype in the past, “We hope that experiences like this will break the myths of what manufacturing centers look like. It is good for them to see that this is not a dark, dingy place, but is an opportunity filled with technological advancement. We hope to do more of this very thing in the future.”

Students toured the recently expanded 92 acre operations facility with Brian Niese (Assistant VP), Scott Schirk (Representative) and Amy Bailey (HR Administrative Assistant). The plant produces high-quality parts for vehicles and uses technology that consists of robotic welding, stamping and subassembly of automotive frame components for the automotive industry. The KMI family consists of 500+ and growing.

The company is passionate about introducing students to the world of skilled manufacturing and showing them that there is a variety of employment opportunities available here in Allen County. Says Ms. Jessica Klass, Science and Engineering teacher who accompanied the students on the visit, “This was an extremely valuable day for our students. It helps them to begin to narrow their focus for their future. We are thankful for the willingness of businesses like KMI to open their doors so students can see the opportunities that are out there for them.”

ABOUT THE LINK LIMA SITE VISIT PROGRAM – The Link Lima workforce development framework and Site Visit program are hosted by Allen Economic Development Group, and were built to connect employers with available and upcoming talent. The goal is to better align state programs, education and training curricula and other resources serving employers and jobseekers. For more information, contact Tracy Hollar, Allen Economic Development Group, 419-222-7706.