Link Lima Success Story: Future Manufacturing Professionals Get the Inside Story at Crown Equipment

Author: Link Lima/Allen County February 20, 2017

Another unique visit of the Link Lima Site Visit Program, Waynesfield-Goshen students in the Manufacturing Concepts Class peek under the hood of Crown Equipment Corp in New Bremen, Ohio.

Crown Equipment Corp in New Bremen, Ohio, is not just a local player. At $2.6 billion in annual revenues, Crown is the fourth largest manufacturer of powered industrial forklift trucks in the world. Less than 40 miles from Lima, this unique manufacturing leader is a terrific example of STEM careers that are available to local talent.

Waynesfield-Goshen STEM teacher Mr. Tyler Turner stated he wants his students to see as many manufacturing positions that are out there as possible. He wants them to see the different career pathways and what learn type of schooling is needed to obtain one of these positions.
Such was the pair up of Mr. Turner’s goals and the incredible operations at Crown Equipment Corp. On Wednesday, February 15th, 23 students from the STEM program at Waynesfield-Goshen High School got the opportunity to see what makes Crown Equipment tick from the inside, an honor that doesn’t happen every day.

The students who experienced the tour included Stephen Andrews, Emily Blanchfield, Cathleen Case, Craig Cassidy, Jarrod Danner, Wed Eller, Caleb Garee, Ceasar Gossard, Mercedez Gossard, Jen Griffin, Make Hamby, Haeley Hefner, Faith Hennon, Bob Kitzmiller, Grace Little, Taylor Parker, Joel Rickle, Gauge Rumer, Gavin Schneider, Jaelyn Schultz, Kyle Searson, Landan Siebeneck, Blake Youtsey.

These 9th and 10th grade students had some very insightful questions on their minds as their tour wrapped up, questions like “How many employees get fired when new machinery gets added?” (ANSWER: None. The employers get relocated to other areas in the plant.) and “How long does it take Crown to realize a return on investment when I purchases one of this huge machines?” (ANSWER: Three years are allotted, but normal it takes 18 months to see a return on investment.) Smart kids. We’re lucky they’re on our side.