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The talent development strategy…

CONNECT by referring students and job seekers to local partners and mentors who can assist with job and career readiness
GROW by developing a local workforce of homegrown talent that can fill the needs of the employers in Allen County
THRIVE by cultivating a sustained pipeline of young talent with the right skills, ready for career opportunities with Allen County employers
linkLima-homeupdate_03The mission… to attract, develop, and retain an employer-ready local workforce with the right skills to fill the needs of local employers in all sectors.
linkLima-homeupdate_05The vision… to create such an abundant supply of local, employer-ready talent that it will sustain and nurture existing businesses while attracting new business to the region.
linkLima-homeupdate_07The focus… We are employer-centric and employer-focused, with the understanding that Allen County’s employers are its fuel for economic stability and growth.

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Students drive down the automotive highway with Kalida Manufacturing Inc.

Arranged by Link Lima Site Visit Program KMI welcomed 19 Pandora-Gilboa High School students to tour their plant and learn more about the local opportunities in manufacturing.

Dull, dark and dingy no more, Brian Niese, KMI Assistant VP is putting that stereotype in the past, “We hope that experiences like this will break the myths of what manufacturing centers look like. It is good for them to see that this is not a dark, dingy place, but is an opportunity filled with technological advancement. We hope to do more of this very thing in the future.”

Students toured the recently expanded 92 acre operations facility with Brian Niese (Assistant VP), Scott Schirk (Representative) and Amy Bailey (HR Administrative Assistant). The plant produces high-quality parts for vehicles and uses technology that consists of robotic welding, stamping and subassembly of automotive frame components for the automotive industry. The KMI family consists of 500+ and growing.

The company is passionate about introducing students to the world of skilled manufacturing and showing them that there is a variety of employment opportunities available here in Allen County. Says Ms. Jessica Klass, Science and Engineering teacher who accompanied the students on the visit, “This was an extremely valuable day for our students. It helps them to begin to narrow their focus for their future. We are thankful for the willingness of businesses like KMI to open their doors so students can see the opportunities that are out there for them.”

ABOUT THE LINK LIMA SITE VISIT PROGRAM – The Link Lima workforce development framework and Site Visit program are hosted by Allen Economic Development Group, and were built to connect employers with available and upcoming talent. The goal is to better align state programs, education and training curricula and other resources serving employers and jobseekers. For more information, contact Tracy Hollar, Allen Economic Development Group, 419-222-7706.

‘Home Field Advantage’ program connects local students, employers

From a story originally reported in The Lima News.

LIMA — Workforce development officials are making it clear to local students that they have “home field advantage” when it comes to finding employment, internships and apprenticeships with area companies.

On Tuesday, representatives from OhioMeansJobs, Link Lima/Allen County, Procter & Gamble and the Ohio Department of Transportation spoke to Bath High School seniors about using these local connections to attain employment in the workforce after high school or college.

“For the group of kids who are going directly to work after high school, we want to provide them with local opportunities to get them connected with a local company,” said Joe Patton, workforce development administrator of OhioMeansJobs-Allen County. “For the kids going away to college, we want to get them connected through internships and pull them back into the area for a local job after they graduate.”

The Home Field Advantage initiative is an individualized program that helps a student figure out a career preference and find a job they can start immediately after graduation.

Brokered by guidance counselors, the program pairs each student with a professional job coach at OhioMeansJobs. Job coaches help students with their résumés, and provide interview coaching, employer matching, job placement and a personalized discussion about career options.

April Bidlack, a guidance counselor at Bath High School, said she believes the program is beneficial for any student who is trying to find employment, but is unsure of where to look for help.

“Keeping them informed is our No. 1 job,” Bidlack said. “So we want them to understand what is available to help them go directly into the workforce now, or help them know what is available once they leave college or even during their college experience.

“We want them to know there are lots of resources locally, and there are many people here to help them.”

OMJ and Link Lima work directly with guidance counselors at most Allen County high schools, and have even begun gathering names of students who are going off to college who may need internships as they advance in their college careers.

“It’s a long-range project,” Patton said. “For kids graduating in 2017, we probably won’t be calling them until 2020. But we have the name of a local college-bound student and we know their field of study, so we can reach out for these internships and pull them back into the area.”

To further demonstrate the connection economic development groups have with local employers, they brought officials from P&G and ODOT to speak directly with students. The officials explained the opportunities for employment, internships and apprenticeships for students going directly into the workforce, and for those who are college bound.

“The chance to see a real person, talk to them and ask them questions, it really has a more resonating impact with the candidates and future employees to want to stay in the area,” said Robert Rutty, human resources leader at P&G’s Lima facility. “It’s helping give them faith that there is something here for them.”

At P&G, Rutty said college internships are the main “feeder pool” for full-time employment. For those looking to go directly into the workforce, he said site visits are a great way to connect with employers. Bath seniors will have a chance to visit P&G on March 15.

At ODOT, business administrator Chris Hardesty said there are opportunities for summer work, internships and apprenticeships. Through the apprenticeship program, ODOT will even pay for a potential employee to receive their commercial driver license.

“It’s a situation where, once they are put through our program and have their CDL, we can continue to train a person and get them to a point where they could have a full-time position,” Hardesty said. “There’s all kinds of opportunities, and we see it as a win for the whole community.”

Link Lima Overview

What is Real American Strength?

It’s the MAKER community in Lima/Allen County. Link Lima is here to help create the pathway connecting employers with a qualified workforce for a sustainable future in Lima/Allen County.”
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